Luksozi Ford Galaxy duke filluar nga € 23,900

Ofertat Aktuale

Financimi per blerjen e automjetit tuaj behet nepermjet shoqerive te leasingut ose nepermjet linjes se kredise bankare.

Procedura e blerjes nga ana e ketyre shoqerive i nenshtrohet linjes se financimit te huase duke aplikuar interesat per kohen e perzgjedhur te financimi. Interesat sipas shoqerive te ndryshme jane te ndryshme. ato variojne nga 8.0% deri 9.5%.

Koha e fiancimit eshte 1 vit deri ne 7 vite.

Bleresi do te paraqese prane ketyre shoqerive dokumentacionin e nevojshem qe mundeshon dhe miratimin dhe vazhdimin e procedures se blerjes se automjetit.

5 Vjet Garanci

Ford Galaxy tashme nje zgjedhje me inteligjente se kurre me 5 Vite Garanci**, si standart i cili siguron ju

dhe Galaxy-in tuaj ne vazhdimesi.

** Vetem ne pikat autorizuara Ford
^ Per te perfituar nga keto oferta blini nje Ford Galaxy perpara dates 30 Shtator 2013.

Me teknologjine e avancuar dhe dizenjimin perfekt, Ford Galaxy kombinon cilesine e klasit te pare te pilotimit me nivelet maksimale te hapesires se brendshme. Thene sa me thjesht ky eshte modeli me i pershtatshem i automjeteve familjare me 7 vende per momentin.

Zbuloni gjithe gamen Galaxy deri tek niveli Titanium

Per shkak se kjo eshte nje pamje e pergjithshme e Ford Galaxy, disa karakteristike mund te jen standart pergjate games, ndersa te tjere mundesohen si opsione ekstra ose qe mundesohen ne modele te caktuara. Ju mund te perdorni konfiguratorin per te ndertuar nje model perfekt sipas deshires.

  • Key features

    Ford kinetic Design

    The Ford Galaxy's elegant and aerodynamic styling captures our 'energy in motion' philosophy.

    Innovative engine technology

    EcoBoost petrol engine technology and refined Duratorq diesel engine technology deliver more torque and power with lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (meeting the latest Euro 5 emission standards).

    PowerShift transmission

    The Galaxy features the PowerShift six-speed, double-clutch automatic transmission – making driving easier, more fuel efficient and just more fun.

    Intelligent Protection System (IPS)

    The Galaxy's advanced IPS uses a range of sophisticated technologies to keep you protected, including an ultra-high strength steel safety cage.

    Driving dynamics

    Advanced suspension technologies provide superior driving dynamics and steering response.

    Flexible interior

    A wealth of innovations make Galaxy ideal for work or play. The sumptuous materials encourage you to relax while enjoying the space.

    Ford Fold Flat System (FFS)

    Folding second-row and third-row seats provide up to 32 possible seating and stowage configurations.

    Safety features

    Passive and active safety systems together with active driver assistance technology are designed to make driving easier and safer, whatever the conditions.

    Smart technology

    Innovative technology gives you the kind of control and comfort you would expect from an executive saloon.

    Ford Easy Fuel

    Makes mis-fuelling impossible and eliminates the need to handle dirty fuel caps.

    Quality craftsmanship

    The Galaxy's new interior fabrics and detailing make this premium vehicle even more elegant.

    Ford Premium Sound System

    Enjoy the ultimate in audio performance, featuring a 265 watt, 8-channel amplifier and superior quality speakers.

    LED rear lights

    Lighting technology at its most eye catching. The bright and long-lasting LED lights improve visibility and add an attractive night-time appearance.

  • Key features Design

    Ford kinetic Design

    With its elegant, contemporary exterior silhouette, Galaxy is a beautiful example of Ford kinetic Design. Settle inside the luxurious interior, and you notice the cabin is a relaxing and ultimately a flexible space.

    Exterior design

    With its angled front, jewel-like headlights and aerodynamic shape, Galaxy has always had a dynamic profile. Now with design refinements like the sculpted bonnet, chrome detailing and lower, more pronounced bumper and grille, the Galaxy conveys an added sense of elegance.

    Interior design

    Ford Galaxy's light, airy and relaxed atmosphere is further enhanced by additional touches, including sumptuous new fabrics and Ford Premium Sound System.

    New interior Galaxy features include:

        • Soft-feel Windsor leather
        • Colourway options with complementary colour schemes
        • Chrome ornamentation
        • Piano black centre console
  • What's new

    Ford PowerShift transmission

    Ford PowerShift delivers a premium experience for driving enthusiasts. Featuring a new state-of-the-art six-speed automatic double-clutch transmission, it cleverly selects the next appropriate gear at exactly the right moment, delivering lightning-fast gear changes with no disruption to the flow of power.

    You'll also enjoy improved fuel economy compared to a conventional automatic. As well as maximum efficiency and fuel consumption, Ford PowerShift has a sport mode that allows you to switch gears at the flick of the gearshift but without the need to engage a clutch pedal.

    Ford EcoBoost SCTi engine

    Our class-leading range of turbo diesel engines is now joined in the Ford Galaxy by the first of a new generation of high-efficiency Ford EcoBoost SCTi turbocharged petrol engine; these combine higher power and a broader spread of torque with reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption.

    The range-topping 2.0-litre EcoBoost SCTi delivers 203 PS, with fuel consumption of only 8.1 l/100 km (34.9 mpg) (combined), reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20% (CO2 emissions are 189 g/km).

    Ford Duratorq Technology

    Our diesel engines use the latest technology to combine power with outstanding fuel economy which results in reduced CO2 emissions. The Ford Duratorq 1.6 TDCi 115PS engine is joined by a 2.0 TDCi 140PS engine - both engines are smooth and quiet, highly efficient and available with the PowerShift transmission. CO2 emissions are 139 g/km on the 1.6TDCi, 143g/km on the 2.0TDCi manual and 159g/km on the PowerShift.

    Adjustable Speed Limiting Device (ASLD)

    This new driver assistance system is included as part of cruise control. ASLD is designed to help drivers avoid exceeding driver-selected speeds unintentionally – for example, staying within legal speed limits during long road trips. By using enhanced cruise control switches on the steering wheel, you can adjust your top speed limit within a range of 30 to 180 km/h (19 to 112 mph). Should you try to exceed that range, the engine management system intervenes to maintain your set speed limit.

    Ford Premium Sound System

    This is the ultimate in sound, featuring an 8-channel, 265-watt amplifier for the best possible sound reproduction – ideal for the discerning audiophile, even at low volumes. Includes a USB/MP3/iPod® connectivity port. (Option only available with Sony audio systems and DVD navigation system). Standard on Titanium, optional on all else.

    FordPower starter button

    You no longer need to insert the key into the ignition to start the car. You simply push the power button while holding the clutch down (or brake pedal on an automatic) and the engine fires into life. Also available with the Ford Key-Free System: the keyless entry system that lets you lock and unlock your car without taking your key out of your pocket or bag.

    Luxury trims and fabrics

    The blend of elegant leather or fabric textures, complemented by high contrast stitching, elevates the interior to a higher level of luxury and prestige. New stylish door spears and instrument panel trims add further elegance, including the sophisticated new Mercury design available on the Ghia and contemporary Chrome Brushed finish door spears in the Titanium.

    Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

    This high-tech visual aid is designed to make longer journeys a far more relaxing experience. As another vehicle enters your blind spot, the system alerts you with a discreet warning lamp built into the driver's and passenger's door mirror. (Option)

    Ford Easy Fuel

    People sometimes mistakenly add diesel to their petrol tank – or vice versa. Ford Easy Fuel is a capless refuelling system with a mis-fuelling inhibitor that can tell the difference between the fuel pump nozzles used for petrol and diesel. So you'll never put the wrong fuel in.

    Power child door locks

    At the click of a button, this innovative feature enables you to safely secure your most precious backseat passengers.

    Roof rail system with sliding crossbars

    The new anodised aluminium integrated roof rail system adds a sleek new dimension to roof transportation. Slide the crossbars to the rear of the roof when their sturdy load-carrying abilities are not needed, to highlight the elegant lines of your Ford Galaxy. (Crossbars option and accessory)

    Exterior flourishes

    New chrome detailing on door handle inserts, door waistline, bodyside moulding and front grille.

    Ford EcoBoost SCTi petrol engine

    Under the stylish bonnet of the new Galaxy, you'll find a wealth of advanced engineering. The new generation of high-efficiency EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engines deliver up to 20% better performance with more torque across all engine speeds, while reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by up to 20%.

    The higher performance 2.0-litre EcoBoost SCTi delivers an impressive 203 PS, with fuel consumption of only 36.7 mpg (combined) and CO2 emissions of just 189 g/km.

  • Environment

    Commitment to the future

    We are always striving to improve what we do and the way we do it. In the face of climate change – a global challenge – our drive and pace of innovation has never been so important. That's why we're developing a range of highly advanced vehicles that have less impact on the environment.

    Euro 5 emission standards

    The Galaxy engines are fully compliant with the new stringent Euro Stage 5 standards resulting in lower emissions and CO2 output.

    Ford EcoBoost SCTi engine

    Our class-leading range of turbo diesel engines is now joined in the Ford Galaxy by the first of a new generation of high-efficiency Ford EcoBoost SCTi turbocharged petrol engine; these combine higher power and a broader spread of torque with reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption.

    The range-topping 2.0-litre EcoBoost SCTi delivers 203 PS, with fuel consumption of only 8.1 l/100 km (34.9 mpg) (combined), reducing CO2 emissions by up to 20% (CO2 emissions are 189 g/km).

    Ford Duratorq TDCi engines

    Engineered to deliver refined performance and low cost of ownership, the new 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi engine provides impressive fuel economy and CO2 performance: 5.7 l/100 km (49.5 mpg) (combined) and average CO2 emissions of 143g/km. The 1.6 Duratorq TDCi engine delivers 5.2 l/100 km (54.3 mpg = combined) and average CO2 emissions of 139 g/km.

    The 2.0-litre Duratorq engine has been reworked to match stringent Euro 5 emission standards and is now available with 140 or 163 PS (103 or 120 kW). Additionally, the 140 and 163 PS are available with the optional Ford PowerShift six-speed double-clutch transmission.
    Note: All CO2 emissions figures in g/km and fuel consumption figures are from officially approved tests in accordance with EC Directive 93/116/EC. Fuel economy figures quoted are based on the European Fuel Economy Directive EU 80/1268/EEC and will differ from fuel economy drive cycle results in other regions of the world.
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